How does locum tenens work?

It's easier with an agency that's been doing it since day one.

If you're considering locum tenens, you've likely wondered how it works. And how to get started. As the company who created the industry, we'd love to show you.

Our how-to guide for working locum tenens.

There are a few big milestones that go into every locum tenens assignment. Follow along to see what they are and the services we provide.

step 1

It starts with a phone call. Or with submitting your information here. From there, we'll take the time to get to know you and what you're looking for in an assignment.

step 2

Your recruiter will share locums assignments with you that match what you’re looking for. You'll have the ability to review and consider each one. You choose the one that's just right for you.

step 3

Your recruiter will walk you through filling out our online application. They'll also assist you with gathering any required supporting documents.

step 4

Our credentialing team will assist with compiling your credentials, privileges, and obtaining a state license if necessary. Don't worry, we do this every day and will make it easier than you ever thought possible.

step 5

We don't just stop at helping you get the job; we take it a step further by arranging all your transportation, rental cars, accommodations, and even provide recommendations for that city. All at no cost to you.

step 6

For additional peace of mind, we cover your malpractice insurance while you're on assignment, at no cost to you.

step 7

Now you're ready to start your locum tenens assignment. We'll be there from start to finish to help with any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise.

step 8

You can work as many locum tenens jobs a year as you want. Locum tenens works with your schedule and according to your goals. And rest assured, you'll have the same level of support for every locums job you work.

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Your recruiter works for you.

As you research locums agencies, you'll find that many work for both you and the client. This means you won't always know whose side the recruiter is actually on. That's not how we work.

Your CompHealth recruiter works for you and another consultant represents the client. Your personal recruiter will get to know you, your career and lifestyle goals, and then work to ensure you get top pay in a job that's just right for you.

Additionally, our recruiters stay connected throughout the duration of your assignment. Whether it's help covering a few shifts in your hometown or a long-term job across the country, CompHealth recruiters provide support from the first call to your last day. And beyond.

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If you're considering locum tenens, you've likely wondered how it works. And how to get started. As the company who created the industry, we'd love to show you.

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"I look for an agency that actually listens; listens to what I like and don't like,
where I like to work and don't like to work."

—Dr. Lumpkin, Anesthesiology

Road Warrior Physician: Locum Tenens; a How-to Guide

One of our favorite ways to answer the question of how locum tenens works is to put you in touch with a practicing professional who does it regularly. One great resource is “Road Warrior Physician: Locum Tenens a How-to Guide” by Elizabeth Noel Lumpkin, M.D.

Drawing from more than ten years of working locum tenens, Dr. Lumpkin shares insights into life on the road and delivers a wealth of information that can help you succeed.

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